Rice Krispy Treats!

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love Rice Krispy treats. They are a classic and have been a part of everyone’s childhood. The other day I picked one up from a coffee shop near my work and was so disappointed when I bit into it. What I tasted was way below my expectations. And so the hunt was on, how could I take the traditional recipe and make it even better. The answer came to me here! The subtle differences update this classic treat just enough to preserve the goodness we all know and love, yet with a little something extra!

Rice Krispy TreatsRice Krispy TreatsI made two batches of these. The first didn’t last long after I brought them over to my boyfriend’s house (I admit they are very addictive)! The next day I made a second batch and altered the recipe a little – I added a pinch more salt and browned the butter a little darker and they were even better than the first ones! Bon appétit!

[All photos are my own and not to be used without permission]

xoxo, Melissa

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