Sunny Sunday

I love Sunday mornings. The moment I wake up I feel like time is standing still. And for me, it’s the only day that it is since Saturdays are usually filled with errands and cleaning and organizing and planning and… well, you get the idea. Last Sunday was so wonderful. Not only did I wake up to the sun beaming through the windows (a wonderful way for Mrs. Sunshine to welcome me to the day), but the weather was an absolutely beautiful 23 degrees. I started the day with a casually late brunch with my friend Ziggy, whom I haven’t seen in what feels like ages (feta omelet and Iranian tea!), and continued the day with our usual ritual of browsing shops on the Plateau. I did a great job with my self-control, but did treat myself with a few goodies!

Sunday Purchases - MAC Cosmetics AldoIt’s amazing the power that a lipstick can have. A simple swipe of the perfect shade can make you feel like a new person. This is the way this super simple shade makes me feel. I walked into the MAC store, told the makeup artist I was looking for the perfect pink ( a sentiment she seemed to share), and like magic, she produced Brave, also know as the perfect pink (for me).

I also picked up Teddy eyeliner, a beautiful shimmery bronze shadow I have been obsessed with ever since I saw a friend as work wearing it.

Last but not least, a beautiful long necklace from Aldo, embellished with three white horns and two white feathers. The perfect final touche to pretty much any outfit.

How was your Sunday?

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[All photos are my own and not to be used without permission]

Beauty by Sigma

They finally arrived! I watched my mail box for about two weeks, anxiously waiting for them to appear. And then it happened, I got the call. My doorman letting me know that a package had arrived and I immediately knew what it was. My Sigma brushes had arrived!

Sigma Brush SetNow, I know what you’re thinking, “This chic chick is freakin’ out over makeup brushes?” Um, yeah! Here’s the thing. I already had a pretty complete set of makeup brushes, but I still had one or two essentials that (I felt) were missing. Up until now, I had been extremely loyal to MAC. But when I started hearing the buzz about Sigma brushes and how they were comparable to MAC brushes, my ears perked up! The best part: they are a fraction of the price! And the fashion goddesses know I’m all about a great deal!

Sigma Brush SetSigma Brush SetThis chic set is available in three colours (I chose the classy black, of course!), and includes every brush you need to create a perfectly polished look. An eyeliner brush, pencil brush, tapered blending brush, eye shading brush, large shader brush, small angle brush, medium angled shading, large powder brush, large angled contour, duo fibre brush, foundation brush and concealer brush. All packed up in a sleek black case which makes travelling with them so easy!

Sigma Brush SetSigma Brush SetInterested in getting your own set? Visit Sigma Beauty!

*Note that all these brushes were purchased with my own money.

[All photos are my own and not to be used without permission]

It’s in the Bag!

Admit it! You love to see what’s lurking in the purses of other fashionistas. No judgment! I’m guilty of it too.  I remember back in the day I used to carry the smallest purse, proudly showing off that I didn’t need to carry much with me. Today is a different story. I probably only use 5% of what I actually carry with me everyday, but for some reason, I feel that I need to carry the other 95%… just in case!

I decided to take my pink suede Longchamp bag out of hiding. I found this bag in a vintage shop and am so in love with it! And in it, I have (what I believe is) the essentials.

Coach wallet ~ to carry all my cash and plastic

iPhone ~ I don’t think I could function one day without it

Coach planner ~ my old school way to keep all my appointments

Excel Mist gum in peppermint ~ so fresh

Business card holder ~ a gift from my mom!

Tide to-go pen ~ you never know when you’ll need it

Purse holder ~ a gift from my aunt, so useful in restaurants to keep your chic bag off the dirty floor

Opus pass ~ going green through public transit

Makeup case ~ my beauty stash on the go

Most of what I carry is basic. But when it comes to my makeup bag, it’s a different story. I find myself adding things to it without ever removing anything (I mean really, who needs seven lipglosses in one day!).

Various MAC glosses ~ I could have swore I only packed one…

Sephora gloss ~ I don’t think I’ve ever worn this one… how did it get in there?

Benefit Ooh La Lift ~ I LOVE this product! It’s perfect to perk up tired eyes before cocktail hour!

Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm ~ the best lip balm EVER, I take it everywhere

Sephora travel brush

Oral-B floss ~ you know you’ve been stuck without it at some point

Sephora glass nail file ~ gently fixes those annoying snags

Hair elastics and clips ~ so practical for that mid-day updo

All stashed away in my pretty green Sephora makeup case!

[All photographs are my own and not to be used without permission]

Wonder Woman Beauty!

I remember when I was a little girl, I thought that Wonder Woman was so beautiful, with her perfect mane and chic (and powerful) accessories. Years later, I am still loving her. And so I was particularly excited to hear that MAC Cosmetics is teaming up with DC comics to create a limited edition cosmetics collection inspired by chic heroine! The collection is set to be available in Spring 2011 and will include eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks and nail polishes.

Can’t wait!